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  At NAI Qatar we have a clear mission: to enable individuals and companies form their initial or subsequent real estate investment funds, acquire the capital they need for their funds, develop innovative investment products, and manage existing funds.

We have a broad knowledge of capital market issues and a deep understanding of the real estate investment fund industry. Whether a client wishes to source private equity for investment in real estate ownership or provide mortgage financing for property owners, our team of professionals at NAI Qatar will help raise the necessary capital………..

To do so, NAI Qatar’s Real Estate Investment Fund Services offer a full range of Asset Management services:

Strategic advice
Design of limited partnerships for investment purposes
Formation of real estate investment trusts (REITs)
Legal documentation processing
Capital raising for new funds
Public and private offerings
Fund administration
Executive recruitment

The prime objective of NAI Qatar Real Estate Investment Fund Services is to offer NAI clients unique real estate investment opportunities in Qatar and promising markets around the world, based on anticipated market trends. We use our experience and knowledge of global real estate markets, combined with the execution skills of the best real estate professionals, to establish high-profit, low-risk investment funds.

NAI Qatar designs four types of real estate investment funds for both REITs and limited partnerships:

Equity Funds – The purpose of these funds is to acquire income-generating properties, such as retail centres, office buildings, etc. Equity funds distribute cash flow to its investors and a portion of the profits realized on the sale of assets.

High Yield Mortgage Funds – These funds act as direct lenders for residential or commercial property loans and also service portfolio loans. Investors receive monthly cash dividends.

Real Estate Development Funds – These funds provide equity capital for builders and real estate developers in return for shares in the profits made on development projects. This type of fund normally invests in several development projects with different builders and developers in order to spread risk.

Developer Funds – This type of fund is typically launched by a builder or developer to increase the number of properties under development and improve access to capital.

When establishing real estate funds, NAI Qatar usually takes the following steps:

Identifying economic trends and their impact on various real estate sectors
Analyzing trends in several economies and real estate markets in different parts of the world
Identifying the property types and regions that are most likely to benefit from emerging trends
Selecting prominent real estate owners and operators, whether private companies or real estate investment trusts, with which to partner
Identifying suitable properties, performing due diligence, and then acquiring them using debt financing
Inviting clients to invest in the fund after it is fully established.

Factors for success: NAI Qatar is a member of the NAI Global network of real estate service providers. Our membership gives us direct access to more than 300 key real estate markets in 40 countries in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region and to the most active and entrepreneurial real estate professionals in those areas – providing clients of NAI Qatar’s Real Estate Investment Fund Services with unmatchable levels of knowledge and expertise.

Membership of the NAI Global network also provides NAI Qatar with access to the most comprehensive databases of properties, buyers, sellers, and financiers in the world. By tracking real estate activities – who is making what deals – these databases provide a very full picture of the type of funds our realty funds team should recommend to clients.

Once NAI Qatar has established a real estate investment fund, it has access to investors and investment opportunities in 40 countries. In addition, we can use NAI’s REALTrac™ and STARs™ online systems to track, manage, and report on the fund’s performance.

NAI Qatar’s unrivaled access to investors and investments, combined with our financial modeling, deal structuring and negotiating skills, enables us to establish the most efficient and profitable real estate investment funds for our clients.

To learn more about our services, contact:-

NAI Qatar
P.O.Box 291,
Doha Qatar
Tel. +974 4316717, 4316743
Fax +974 4325021


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